This Resolution reads as follows from conveyor to the conveyed:

For each time conditions are the same for the same each time is with conditions. 

1. WHEREAS, Noocratic Venture Capital Fund is now available to serve the commercial transaction of contracted Rights Owners, Financial Institutions, Sovereigns,  Governments, Asset Owners, Accredited Investors, Title Holders, Insurers, Money Managers, and Institutional Investors or peoples of the Noocratic Society.

2. WHEREAS, NVC PRIVATE CREDIT BANKERS are backed by over a Trillion World Currency Units of owned Assets/ Equity under management.

3A. WHEREAS, a party is considered and accepted to become a Participant when a sponsored project is qualified by the management of the Transaction Platform through an agreement to provide services, by any of the current entities enter into a binding agreement and contract with any subsidiary of NVC FUND HOLDING TRUST, NVC FUND TRUST or NVC FUND, LLC, NVC INVESTMENT, LTD, and has been issued a Project  Trust Account Number.

3B. WHEREAS, the NVC 100 Funds are SPV, SPC, and SPT collectively NVC 100. The 100 FUNDS are internal management Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV). Special Purpose Companies (SPC) and Special Purpose Trust (SPT) are designed to accomplish NVC Partners, Clients, and Institutional transaction objectives.

4. WHEREAS, NVC PRIVATE CREDIT BANKERS have the capacity and capability as a Qualified Participant to procurement, securitize, monetize, collateralize, leverage, deleverage, borrow, lend trade, invest, insure, assure, re-insure, hypothecate, assign, divide, and leverage the Noocratic Venture Capital (NVC) FUND assets as approved from time to by the management the of the NVC Transaction Platform.

5. WHEREAS, from time to time, NVC FUND may issue and hold Capital Securities, Bonds, Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange, Trust Accounts, Digital assets, Tokens, World Currencies, and Cryptocurrency, digital wallets, and Ledger Accounts to facilitate investments and financial commitments to participants. Backed by the Full Faith & Credit of the Noocratic Government.

6. WHEREAS, NVC FUND is empowered to invest, contribute, assign, securitize, and deposit assets for equity in companies and humanitarian organizations as necessary.

7. WHEREAS NVC FUND will manage the platform to enable Participants to facilitate mutually beneficial buy and sell agreements with each other within the Transaction Platform so Participants may facilitate funding, execute and manage joint ventures, buy-sell contracts underwrite, and insurance and guaranty of Participants' projects.

8. WHEREAS, The NVC FUND TRANSACTION PLATFORM offers opportunities to qualified investors to participate as commitment holders, buyers, sellers, lenders, partners, and facilitators in specific offerings.

9. WHEREAS, NVC FUND is authorized to appoint a Private Credit Banker as an administrator to administer assignments on behalf of contracted Parties.

10. WHEREAS, each contract will be executed with participants using an LLC, Trust, or Partnerships under the umbrella of NVC FUND TRUST as a Master Custodian Trust for the Noocratic Government where each SPV may be issued a subsidiary account by the Master Custodian Trustee. An Administrative agent may be engaged to facilitate and manage the execution of the contracts to ensure that all transactions, fiduciary obligations and statutory requirements of each entity are performed and accounted for accordingly.

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